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Samsung Internet Lite/Go APK

Samsung Internet Lite/Go APK is the latest and lightest version of Samsung’s native browser. In fact, this “Lite” app is very lightweight, it’s 4 times smaller than the original Samsung Internet app – and gives you all the same features.

From the options menu of Samsung Internet Lite/Go App, you can choose the default search engine; choose Google, Bing, Yahoo! Or DuckDuckGo. In addition, you can customize the home page.

Other unique features of Samsung Internet Lite/Go APK include: “pop-up” blocking, allowing JavaScript from certain websites, and switching font sizes. Also, there are more options in the Advanced Settings options menu.

Download Latest Samsung Internet Lite/Go APP

Name:Samsung Internet Lite/Go
Current Version:
Size:18 MB
Support Android Version:Android 5.0+
App by:Samsung Corporation
Publish Date:2018-08-06

Samsung Internet Lite/Go App is a beautiful browser for Android – it has a variety of features that make up almost no space on your smartphone.

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Samsung Internet Lite/Go .APK

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